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About us ...

We, Lex and Floortje, moved from Holland to Spain in august 2009, together with our daughters Elise and Rosalie. Our first date was in a Portugese restaurant in Amsterdam. Apart from staring deeply into each others eyes we both couldn't stop talking about our plans to emigrate. So we did, many years later and after a long and adventurous trip with our LandRover with rooftent and trailer, filled with most of our furniture, we arrived in Alhaurin, a cosy white washed Andalucian village near Malaga. We live in an Andalucian cortijo, our bedroom is the former stable. Except the four of us, a dog and a cat, loads of mouses and gecko's took up residence in our farm. So, crowded, but never a dull moment...Apart from renting out the Landrovers and caravans and organizing tours we also became more or less farmers. We harvest olives, mandarines and oranges that grow on our land. Last but not least, Floortje is very creative, she designs and sells jewellery and crocheted gifts which she sells on local markets and in her webshop. Our daughters Elise and Rosalie go to a Spanish school and they are already fluent in the Andalucian accent.

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